Gas vs pellet vs wood

Can't Decide Whether to Use Gas, Pellet or Wood?

Our Stove and Fireplace Unit Summaries May Help You Decide

Gas units - Easy to operate, usually turn on with a switch or remote and are easy to operate. These only require annual cleaning and inspection. No wood or bags of pellets to store and haul into your home. Gas is more cost effective than fuel oil and electric heat. These units also work during power outages. Gas produces a moist heat.

Pellet units - Easy to operate, usually turns on with a push button or remote are mechanical and require electricity to operate. They require an easy basic cleaning every ten bags, and chimney cleaning 1 to 2 times a year depending on use. Easy to load and low mess. Requires daily loading of pellets. Will save a lot of money on fuel oil, electric, and gas. These units don't run during power outages. Pellets produce a dry heat.

Wood units - Smell great (my opinion) but do create a burning wood smell in your home. They require to be cleaned annually and weekly maintenance of taking out the ashes is required. Like pellet units, these require daily loading of wood. Wood units save money compared to the other two options, especially if you have your own source of wood. Even if you purchase wood, you will still save money. These units work during power outages and some units can also be used to heat water and food. Wood produces a dry heat.

14th Jun 2015

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